Universal Shortcuts Poem - Psychology of Shortcuts Shapetalk Poetry

Universal shortcuts are why we are here,
universal shortcuts might allay your fears.
Universal shortcuts will raise you up high,
to find more universal shortcuts, by the by.
Reach for the universal in your soul in this minute,
let all in the world see you shine.
Universal shortcuts raise you up,
and you will join those who say, "The world is mine!"

Whoever you are, whatever you do, wherever you go in life,
you will find universal shortcuts are as sweet as a good wife.

Each day, dive deeper into your own sense of the Psychology of Shortcuts.
Do not allow anyone to slow you down from your focus, your universal focus.
That focus is a core of how MisterShortcut shattered countless world records.
Three new facts per day yields 300 facts every 100 days, a path to mastery.
In one year, you absolutely earn world-class recognition for 1,000 facts.
Just keep your fact-ingestion narrow, to one narrow area of interest.
This is a universal shortcut, with universal application to your life.

© 1990 to the present by MisterShortcut for the Psychology of Shortcuts,
founded on the original Psychology of Shortcuts and Psychology of Longevity.
As most of the human population does, you are welcome to wait for opportunities.
Opportunity, however, does not work that way, nor does the Psychology of Shortcuts.

George Bernard Shaw wrote plays for 40 years before "Mrs. Warren's Profession" hit Broadway.
The day that the show opened was the day the show closed, and the actors were arrested, as well.
So, a hyper-famous, successful playwright, revered for his wit and wisdom and humanistic concerns,
had to wait another 36 years to succeed on Broadway, as his many plays played in a hundred countries!
Even if that is more extreme than your truth, what is the Psychology of Shortcuts within you, chopped liver?
The Psychology of Shortcuts is the set of powers you already possess, tools you already control or easily can.
The validity of the excuses for your persistence in embracing mediocrity expire in this moment and minute, friend.
You are only invited to improve what you do, what you repeatedly do, by only one percent or so, with each repetition.
As one of the core foundations of your Psychology of Shortcuts, you will find it to be more magical than most everything.
How DARE you question a method of mastery if you do not yet enjoy mastery in whatever discipline you are referring to?
Even you can agree that the people who do it best assuredly know best just how they repeatedly perform at world class.
Imitate who does it best, THEN add your initiative, based on your own experience, wisdom, and collected knowledge.
As universal shortcuts go, the Psychology of Shortcuts warrants this to be in the top ten of all universal shortcuts.
From Shaw: "People are always blaming their circumstances for what they are. I don't believe in circumstances.
The people who get on in this world are the people who get up and look for the circumstances they want,
and if they can't find them, make them."   If Shaw could overcome significant obstacles, so can you.

    Universal Shortcuts Will Electrify Your Life And Results - About As Universally As You Employ Them

"Universal Shortcuts"  - Please stop talking. If you knew better, you would do better. The Psychology of Shortcuts is about imitating those who do. THEN do we solicit your opinions

Psychology of Shortcuts promotes the use of "universal shortcuts to accelerate your success.
Universally applicable, these are the shortcuts of masters and millionaires, champions and billionaires.
Thus, acceptance into and embrace by the Psychology of Shortcuts, empowering you to empower yourself.

Great-Shortcuts.com. You may already recognize that most every great endeavor began as a wish in someone's mind, an effort in someone's basement or garage. In every instance, shortcuts were either used or developed, rarely ever an exception. Consider this an axiom of life. Universal shortcuts are those that apply across the entire spectrum of results. Purchasing cooked food prepared by someone else is a universal shortcut. The Psychology of Shortcuts takes it several steps further... one universal step at a time.

  You can start with great shortcuts, or move right to universal shortcuts, which work for approximately every human task and endeavor. For example, when you ask more people more times each, you are as close to being guaranteed superlative results as you can obtain from any other known resource available to human beings.

There is no need for you, or anyone else, to believe the Psychology of Shortcuts, or any particular individual. An obese cornerstone of the Psychology of Shortcuts is that the putative super-shortcut, or "universal shortcut" MUST BE DUPLICABLE, preferably by most anyone and everyone.

Using great shortcuts costs you nothing, even saving you time along the way, (time being the most precious of all your currencies), so that your greatest shortcuts are profitable whatever the outcome of the effort you apply your greatest shortcuts to.

Just look, for example, at how many things you do with one hand that you can and ought to be using two hands for, and not just for one reason! Brushing your hair with one hand, one brush? Preposterous! What an ugly waste of time and creation-encouragement of imbalance in bodily development. Even mental development is retarded by an action that promotes imbalance mentally and physiologically. Do more things with two hands, and, yes, secondarily, you also save thousands if not hundreds of thousands of seconds over a lifetime this way. Heed these master secrets of the universe. Apparently, the Psychology of Shortcuts and associated schools of thought are your only sources for such magical, potent shortcuts.

The Psychology of Shortcuts presents the largest free genuine websites and network, millions of unique, hand-crafted web pages of self-empowerment, using the great shortcuts of the greatest performers of all time. Largest free website for universal shortcuts - Succeeding faster, accelerating your results in a matter of days or even minutes is easier than you thought. Just imitate those who are repeatedly doing it better than you. Oversimplification is why most people are too profoundly _________ (fill in the blank as you see fit) to engage these great, literally universal shortcuts and run with them as fast as they can. Ergo, the Psychology of Shortcuts exists to help you to help yourself, in hope and pursuit of you being better-equipped to help the helpless.
Begin or expand the most empowering journey of your life, the adventure in your own manifestations of excellence... correction, into your REPEATED manifestions of the excellence within you. How to succeed in business, how to succeed faster at anything, how to succeed faster at most everything using the world's most overt and covert secrets of universal success, great shortcuts from great performers. Universal shortcuts, the success secrets of Masters and Millionaires who use great shortcuts...

GreatShortcuts.com - Presenting universal shortcuts routinely utilized by masters and millionaires, champions and billionaires. Great results from great use of great shortcuts. Eight words well worth remembering, and practicing repetitively. "Great results from great use of great shortcuts. Don't opine. Do it, try it, repeat it, improve by at least one percent with each repetition, and, voila, greater results!. Embracing universal shortcuts can alter your life for the better in as little as a matter of weeks or days, hours or moments... based predominantly upon YOUR better decisions, reaching for more within you as well as without. (internal, or intrinsically, alongside of the external, or extrinsic.
At least learn some of your best universal shortcuts if you are even moderately inclined to seek what is required for accelerating your success in many hundreds if not thousands of discrete human efforts. The universal shortcuts to success of masters and champions.

Universal Shortcuts and Universal Tips For Succeeding Universal Shortcuts - universal tips for succeeding. PowerGems, universal secrets, universal shortcuts of success....
www.Shortcuts.ws -

shortcuts.html" title="Shortcuts Beget More Psychology of Shortcuts PowerGems">Secrets of developing wealth faster with universal shortcuts
Universal Shortcuts of masters and millionaires, universal shortcuts of champions and billionaires. Self-empowerment. Universal shortcuts to succeeding faster.
shortcuts.OneShortcut.com - Hints Secrets Tips to develop hidden universalial
- Even more universal shortcuts

Hints and Universal Shortcuts For Keyboard - fifty universal shortcuts for keyboard mastery, from the Psychology of Shortcuts
Hints and secrets. the truly universal shortcuts of computer masters. Discover hidden secrets of your computer for almost all programs... Use Alt Key , CTRL key with just ONE button, or just your F5 and F11 buttons....
www.Mister-Shortcut.com/keyboardshortcuts.html - the universal shortcuts of computer keyboards and computer masters.

Shapetalks.net - Universal shortcuts delivered in Shapetalks. With the sound-byte society we have become, it is useful to divide PowerGems, the best universal shortcuts, into EyeCandy pieces that offer the extra advantage of placing most bits of wisdom on a single line, so that you can have dozens of powerful, universal shortcuts to choose from. Although you have so much information delivered on a single page, the line-by-line approach of Shapetalking tends to have a greater effect.
If you are focused on "getting there" faster, Shapetalks are a wonderful route for you to investigate and travel upon.

Shapetalks.info - Another in the Shapetalks and Shapetalking series from, who else, your Psychology of Shortcuts Shapetalker,, MisterShortcut. Universal shortcuts abound in every human field. Whatever YOU are doing in your life, there are those who are the best among us, true or not? Those people who are doing it best are the best possible teachers. Shapetalks share the PowerGems of masters and millionaires, champions and billionaires. Use these PowerGems, and notice the power of what you have done, the dramatic improvements stimulated by YOUR decisions to use the great universal shortcuts.

Great achievements are yours for the taking and making, once you actually make the decision that you will be greater at your repeated efforts. The prime method? Using so putative secrets of masters and millionaires, champions and billionaires, magnificent universal shortcuts that characteristically work about every time they are seriously used. Psychology of Shortcuts and Psychology of Longevity, conveying and promulgating the most universal success secrets of role models and leaders, the repeat winners who use universal shortcuts
www.Shapetalker.com -
Universal Shorcuts and shorcuts to help you to help yourself to succeed faster. No, shorcuts is not misspelled

Shortcuts make the world go round. Psychology of Shortcuts brings the best universal shortcuts. That's why they win more.     --    www.S.hortcuts.com, what a sweet TLD
      Accelerateyour achievements with universal secrets of role models and leaders who achieve far more than the average Joe or Jane.
- best of the universal shortcuts of role models and leaders - secrets and techniques of acknowledged masters, because success does not happen by accident

Universal Shortcuts Of Role Models and Leaders - How to duplicate the secrets of winners. "Power" is the ability to take an action or create an effect. Whoever or wherever you are, you can be that there is one shortcut, one very powerful, useful, proven, universal shortcut that fits perfectly with your present endeavors. Identify those doing it better than you and you compel better results by imitating their words, actions, even their attitudes. Imitate what works!! That is the core and foundational aspect we call "universal."
      Great achievements happen with the use of many universal secrets of role models and leaders who achieve far more than the average Joe or Jane, thanks to universal shortcuts.
- role models and leaders known their own universal secrets and universal shortcuts to success

      Many Of The Universal Shortcuts Of People You Most Admire - Follow Mister-Shortcut into the actions and attitudes of masters and millionaires, champions and billionaires, and their most effective shortcuts. No one makes it to the top of the heap today without the prolific use of the best shortcuts. Learn more so that you might live more. Your opinions, prior to extensive knowledge and experience, are profoundly worthless or worse, sucking the best from YOUR experience of life. Stop forming opinions so quickly, and you instantaneously become more intelligent. This no exaggeration, Grasshopper, this is a hard-core fact of life. The fewer your premature opinions, the greater your leaps into greater levels of thought and action. The people you most admire are the best sources of your best shortcuts. Join Mister-Shortcut in the search for the best of the best of the universal shortcuts of those people we all admire most.

We, and certainly YOU, have not yet witnessed the best of you, the best within you, the best that you are capable of bringing out, so these universal shortcuts are delivered for your immediate use to accelerate your results quickly, and greatly. Please, immediately, ask more people more times each, always agreeing with each objection, praising their objections as you turn them inside out to become starring features, and, ultimately, benefits of the "sale," whether it involves merchandise, love, getting someone to do something for you, or any other dialogue requiring one or more persons to say "Yes.".
- Great achievements are more often than not the result of universal shortcuts.

First And Foremost - Universal Shortcuts To Instant Success - Shortcuts from the best shortcuts collection of, you guessed it, the Psychology of Shortcuts and Psychology of Longevity. Universal benefits are a persistent result of universal use of these indisputably efficient, effective shortcuts. Why would you brush your hair with one hand, and one brush, depriving the other side of your body equal exercise, causing stagnation, unequal development, and brain issues as well, along with other unnecessary stressors on all you are trying to accomplish in the way of health preservation, perhaps notable, observable improvement. What about the time that is not saved, because you may know that women have traditionally taught us that brushing our hair one hundred times is a minimum for luster, healthiness, etc. Using two brushes at once provides many separate benefits, not run-of-the-mill benefits, rather, powerful, life-boosting benefits even if they are not very long-lasting, requiring repetition for its fullest value to be realized and appreciated.

The universe around you is filled with people who routinely excel. They are the only people who really need to be talking to the community at large. In consideration of, in acknowledgement of, the successful results that are produced by these masters and millionaires, champions and billionaires, we call these approaches "universal shortcuts." Take it and run with it, because your life is running past you at astounding speeds. Notice the passing of time, another universal reality, and make the difference by CHOOSING to use more of your time intelligently, and more of your resources, intelligently, too.

Instant success with universal shortcuts that work universally..
- Great achievements are more often than not the result of universal shortcuts, used on a simple, daily, repetitive basis. The best results do not occur accidentally. Those who produce the best characteristically do so as a result of putting forth their best efforts, inevitably including the repeated, near-obsessive use of the best of their shortcuts among all their tools.

Whatever your education, it is incomplete without knowledge of QRA, and how to do the one-second QRA test.
Beyond belief until the first time, and the first thousand times you experience the power and accuracy of QRA testing.
Less talking and more doing. The Psychology of Longevity and Psychology of Shortcuts invite you to remember that opinions are worthless,
at least until any given opinion is supported not merely by learning of, instead, until it has the support of experience repeated many, MANY times.
Imagine being able to tell, with precision, how strong or weak any given food or beverage is, or how it will affect you, if it can even deliver nutrition to you.

That is precisely what Quantum Reflex Analysis (QRA) allows you to do. Speak less, and do more,
so that the opinions you are so quick to espouse and expound upon have some merit of foundational experience.

Whomever and wherever you are, there are universal shortcuts meant for YOU

Employ your Psychology of Shortcuts to feed starving kids
Helping The Helpless? It's Among Your Universal Shortcuts

target="new" It is YOU making the difference
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With merely free clicks on this button and the one that appears, BOOM! A life saved, human, or animal.
You can preserve sea life, tiger habitat, and plenty more, with additional clicks, but one? Survival!
Helping the helpless is the centermost core of the Psychology of Shortcuts, which is why you are here.
First, the Psychology of Shortcuts helps you. Then, you pass the Psychology of Shortcuts on, with action.

The more you earn from subscribing to Psychology of Shortcuts PowerGems, the more the Psychology of Shortcuts earns.
Do not send money to the Psychology of Shortcuts, or MisterShortcut. Invest that money into the human or animal races.
Help the helpless so universal axioms of the Psychology of Shortcuts, and Newton's 3rd Law, assure even more profit.

Shapetalks.net - Another network of Shapetalks from the Godfather of EyeCandy and Shapetalk, helping you to help yourself,
in greater hope you'll help yourself by helping more of the helpless who are found wherever greed exists

More Shortcuts and Shapetalk From The Psychology of Shortcuts,
promoting universal engagement of the most universal of success secrets and shortcuts

Shapetalk.info - Information shared via Shapetalk, from the mouth of the horse, creator and innovator of Shapetalk, your very own Godfather of EyeCandy
Shapetalk.net - Next in the Shapetalk website series. Learn your master secrets of the universe by living your own perception of the Psychology of Shortcuts
Shapetalker.info - By wrapping wisdom into individual lines of Shapetalk EyeCandy, the Psychology of Shortcuts Shapetalker makes wisdom lessons more fun
Shapetalk.com - First domain to introduce an entire website of Shapetalk PowerGems - core wisdom of the Psychology of Shortcuts and Psychology of Longevity
Shapetalking.com - The Godfather of EyeCandy incorporated Shapetalking into health & wealth wisdom with Psychology of Longevity and Psychology of Shortcuts.
Shapetalker.com - The Godfather of Shortcuts and EyeCandy invested 180,000,000 preciously irreplaceable seconds to be YOUR Psychology of Shortcuts Shapetalker
Shapetalks.info - Second collection of MisterShortcut EyeCandy Shapetalks, where the shortcuts of masters and millionaires and the great champions are fun to learn.
Shapetalk.org - Assenting that 'organization' is a relative word, Shapetalk is presented with SOME measure of organization at Shapetalk.org - Enjoy, learn, & do, more
Shapetalking.info - Melange of PowerGems wisdom & EyeCandy, where the Psychology of Shortcuts & Psychology of Longevity bring you a world of Shapetalking
Shapetalk.biz - MisterShortcut's main 'biz' is shortcuts, often delivered via shapetalk. If your biz is Shapetalk, it might make sense to head over to Shapetalk.biz
Shapetalking.net- If the Psychology of Shortcuts and Psychology of Longevity don't merit a shapetalking network, who fairly does? Learn more, to live more
Shapetalks.com - 1st group of wisdom-rich Shapetalks, Psychology of Shortcuts & Psychology of Longevity EyeCandy presentations of PowerGems

Shapetalk and Shortcuts, mostly from the Psychology of Shortcuts, and to a lesser degree, the Psychology of Longevity,
are intended to achieve more than merely impressing you, pleasing you, engaging you to fill in all the colors of a page,
reaching instead to have you look inside the Shapetalk to find the shortcuts, what you will find to be your best shortcuts.

Shapelinks.US - Self-descriptive, Shapelinks are Psychology of Shortcuts interactive EyeCandy hotlinks guiding us into the Psychology of Shortcuts and Psychology of Longevity
Shapelinks.com - Deliciously interactive EyeCandy links - different effects in different browsers, all leading to Psychology of Shortcuts PowerGems, the most universal shortcuts

If SOMEONE OUTSIDE OF YOUR FAMILY offers you 144 separate opportunities to be world-class at whatever you choose,
will you move faster or with greater enthusiasm than if you realized that your minutes are 1,440 opportunities per day?

Shapelinks and Shortcuts Within YOUR Psychology of Shortcuts

Shapelinks.net - Crafting a Shapelinks network necessitates having Psychology of Shortcuts EyeCandy Wisdom in its most formative moments

Shapelinks.org - Ad hoc 'organization' formed in the 1990's, the Psychology of Shortcuts sought to organize Shapelinks into Eyecandy coherence

Shapelink.info - Further information on Psychology of Shortcuts & Psychology of Longevity. Just follow sweet eyecandy links at Shapelink.info now

Shortcut.ws - Sweet domain & sweeter website, mayhaps the shortcut capital of the internet, because one great shortcut can be Your big acceleration shortcut

Shortcuts.me - Embracing the Psychology of Shortcuts and Psychology of Longevity with ardent embrace, shortcuts become me - pursuing universal success

Shortcuts.me.uk - Demonstrating that great shortcuts are universal, from the UK to every locale where the Psychology of Shortcuts is adopted & embraced

Shortcuts.name - Godfather of EyeCandy, Godfather of Shortcuts - surely the Psychology of Shortcuts is inclined toward this domain as its one true name

Shortcuts.ws - Premium one-word domain that gladdens the heart of your host, the Psychology of Shortcuts of masters, millionaires, & champions

www-Shortcuts.com - AOL paid $1mm for www.Shortcuts.com, while the Psychology of Shortcuts found www-Shortcuts.com for just $8.

Regulata.com - Regulata Are The Universal Shortcuts of Total Winning In The Psychology of Shortcuts Manner

TotalWinning.com - If ever a domain was self-explantory, surely it's TotalWinning.com - a Universal Shortcuts lodestone


The potency of 'Universal' - too often underestimated
After knowledge and wisdom, universal opinions can be universally right.
Remember that such wisdom can only result from knowledge AND experience.

Who does it best, knows it best.   This is YOUR universal truth.

We start by following in the footsteps of our most admired pioneers, imitating their steps,
again and again, until our performance is good enough to encourage personal innovations.

If you recognize that our planets residents choose not to treat each other very well,
then you have sufficient awareness of your surroundings to make a huge difference.
Selfish benefit is your best reason for helping the helpless.
If you think that you can save lives every day for thousands of days, or even hundreds of days...
without having the universe generously repaying you, then you still don't know Newton's Law.

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What goes up, must come down, what goes around comes around. Help the helpless, to see the action.
When you save lives, you can be ENTIRELY confident that the universe will repay you, & generously.

Hunger and Poverty:
Let's end starvation
Live the Psychology of Longevity
Help others to live stronger longer
BE Your Psychology of Shortcuts
Giving Means Getting

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How universal can a shortcut be?

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Let Newton's 3rd law enrich YOU

(Pssst.     Find thousands of treats when you to move your mouse into hidden corners of the Psychology of Shortcuts...
and in a few rather obvious ones too, for your EyeCandy delight... and edification)

Old-world, much of the Psychology of Shortcuts only shows in IE  

Reap greater yields from yourself AND assets you already have access to.
Elevate several levels of your results in most all that you undertake.
If you grasp that excellence is not accidental, make it happen.
Boost yourself upwards with the Psychology of Shortcuts.
Start with any task you have to repeat throughout life.
One step leads to two, and before you know it.....

The best part about two eyes for one mouth is twice the usage and yield.
It proves to be the same for your ears and nostrils, arms and legs, as well.
Imitating those who do it best is one of the top ten shortcuts of human time.
Doing more with two hands rather than one can multiply your skill levels, yes?
See how all waste so many thousands of minutes - opportunities - we cannot get back.
The role models and champions of history speak directly to your "getting" this.
Thousands of minutes you regain control of? It repays you thousands of times.
Take the time to stop each lucky day you get. Top five items of YOUR day.
Stop and recognize how much more YOU have than billions of others, hm?

Universal shortcuts for success are the greatest of YOUR master secrets.
Master secrets of the Universe?   Eschew instant opinion, you get wiser!
Cease forming opinions until AFTER testing the facts being claimed.
Most of your opinions, most of those of every human on the planet,
have proven to be wrong, because they were handed to us, hm?
Someone we trusted gave us THEIR opinion, we accepted it.

Trading back even one of every ten pettily-spent minutes:
This is another master secret of the universe for YOU.

The only opinions we glean benefits from are opinions of who does it more and better.
"Who does it best, who shows it best, proves they also know it best; WORTH IMITATING.

The Psychology of Shortcuts is the ultimate in self-empowerment, from your Godfather of EyeCandy, for You 
These are proven shortcuts of masters and millionaires, the known shortcuts of champions and billionaires,
and likely YOUR best shortcuts to succeeding. It is why the Psychology of Shortcuts is here for your life.

0xx1.com       1xx0.com       1xx8.com       GV17.com      

Megatruths.com       Regulata.com       1Shortcut.com       OneShortcut.com       One-Shortcut.com

J233.com       d144.com       Megaphotons.com       Mediaphoton.com       Mediaphotons.com       Mentalisms.com

BestShortcuts.com       Best-Shortcuts.com       Great-Shortcuts.com       GreatShortcuts.com       DoctorShortcut.com

Mister-Shortcut.net       Mister-Shortcut.com       MisterShortcuts.com       MisterShortcut.work       Mister-Shortcut.org

S.hortcuts.com       Sho.rtcuts.com       Dr-Shortcut.com       HYPERDOMINANCE.com       Boostables.com

Mister-Shortcut.US       MisterShortcut.org       MisterShortcut.net       MisterShortcut.US       Mr-Shortcut.com

MrShortcut.net       Mr-Shortcut.net      MrShortcut.org       Mr-Shortcut.org       MrShortcut.US       Mr-Shortcut.US

Shapetalking.info       Shapetalking.net       Shapetalks.com       Shapetalks.info       Shorcuts.US       Success-Shortcuts.US

Shapelink.US       Shapelink.info       Shapelinks.com       Shapelinks.info       Shapelinks.org       Shapelinks.net       Shapelinks.US

Shapetalk.info       Shapetalk.net       Shapetalk.US       Shapetalk.org       Shapetalk.com       Shapetalker.com       Shapetalking.com

How-To-Succeed.com       Success-Shortcuts.net       www-shortcuts.com       Shortcuts.me.UK       Shortcuts.name       Shortcut.name

Shortcuts.one       Shortcut.ws       Shortcuts.ws       shorcuts.com       Shortcut.name       Shortcuts.name       Shortcuts.cloud

Shortcuts.company       Shortcuts.business       Success-Shortcuts.com     www.Megatruths.com

Shortcut.cloud       Shortcuts.club       Shortcuts.space       Shortcuts.online       Shortcuts.website

UniversalShortcuts.com       TotalWinning.com       Shortcuts.biz       Shortcuts.work       Shortcuts.me

Excellence has never been known to be caused or achieved accidentally. Win on purpose!
Identify a deadline, because that's what converts a dream into a goal, a simple deadline.
Divide your goal into 21 or 89 or 144 pieces: Small pieces are more digestible, true?
Identify the people and organizations in a position to help you achieve your goal.
Before you estimate a truly substantial likelihood of attaining this prime goal,
remember we must always have a strong enough WHY to find the HOW

354224848179261915075.com       354224848179261915075.com


Fibnacci.US       Fibnacci.wprk

These inclusions of Fibonacci by virtue of inserting Fibonacci numbers here and there just may help!
The Psychology of Shortcuts encourages you to both learn about Fibonacci, and to use Fibonacci.
Never form opinions on new information until you have examined and EMPLOYED that info!!!
How's this for freaky? Reading this tasty bit of Shapetalk one hundred times is a shortcut.
By the time you have done so, you will know dozens of meanings you do not yet see.
The Psychology of Shortcuts is the rich condensation of the best of all teachers,
those in at least three of the four interests of the Psychology of Shortcuts:
masters and millionaires, great champions and uninheriting billionaires.
Stop pretending to know more. It stops your wisdom from emerging.
Whatever you want most, ask for it thousands of times this year.
Extra hungry? Ask 100 per day, thirty-six thousand per year.
There is little chance you will not have what you ask for.
There is success, and there are excuses for lack of it.
The Psychology of Shortcuts bakes your excuses.
What remains is your emerging excellence.


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What exactly do you think happens when you save a life or two, and repeat it a hundred days or a thousand?
Do you really think "nothing" happens? Newton's Third Law is compelling proof to the contrary, isn't it?

Give more and you are likely to live more... with unique layers of benefit that aggregate nicely.
For those of you who have already saved a thousand and more lives, you know what happens.
You are keenly aware of the physical, financial, emotional, and, bizarrely, even more benefits.
Newton's Third Law of Physics proves to us that what goes around will also come back around.

Knowing this in advance permits you to, effectively speaking, bet on a given race in advance.
Your life is the race referred to by the Psychology of Shortcuts. How hard do you run your race?
What is your reputation, that of a slacker, or that of someone who lived life with real excitement?
YOU determine your repute, more than anyone else does, so take a look, and make a better decision,
including the decision (that word means, "to cut away from any other possibility") to strive higher for YOU.
Feeding starving humans, or starving, neglected, abused animals is among the great shortcuts to great wealth.
The Psychology of Shortcuts invites you to stop pretending to know more than those who achieve more. Give freely.
You do not need to break your bank. A quarter per day is plenty if that is all you can afford, just give a quarter every day.
Better yet, until you grow wealthy, make use of websites that allow you to give simply by clicking through with your mouse.

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www.Kosher.work       Added.work
OneWordDomains.US,     OneWord.work

Why pay millions? We offer thousands of one-word domains, for real people.
MisterShortcut purchased over a thousand one-word domains in a single day.
Not to make personal profit for self, rather, for YOU to have a premium domain,
at a fraction of the price routinely charged by those who chase OUTSIZED profits.
The sooner we humans act more like humans, less like corporations, we'll ALL win.

Saving Lives With Free Clicks?     Look up Newton's Third Law.

Amat Victoria Curam

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Your brain gets sharper when you test many things with QRA!
Knowing the QRA test, using it on everything you propose or intend to put against or into your body,
this alone elevates your intelligence, your ability to make better decisions with better information.
When you add to this the undeniably magic secret of also caring beyond your own needs, you get P A I D.
While it often comes in financial terms, there are payoffs in life far sweeter than money. Learn them.
Again, Amat Victoria Curam!

Universal shortcuts used for universal gain,
when you help the helpless, you help yourself again.
This is where we are today, yesterday? It's way back then.
You can do it to be selfish, you can do it to see what you find,
the Psychology of Shortcuts asseverates, this way is one of a kind.

Universal Shortcuts From Masters And Millionaires Exist For YOU To Follow

Be clear: The best success shortcuts are those that promulgate and promote YOUR best performances.
Name any human endeavor that someone has previously excelled at, and you will observe big shortcuts.
When you seek to develop mastery in anything whatsoever, the first step is to identify those pioneers.
Success, as you've likely heard, DOES leave clues, and therein lies your first assignment in your training.

We start by identifying the masters and millionaires, champions and billionaires of your particular field, yes?
Then we do no more and no less than see what makes them the best at what they do, to find their best secrets.
Don't be surprised to discover that many of their best shortcuts are hardly secret at all, they're often in plain sight.

If you are determined to engage in the time-wasting method of what's referred to as trial and error, progress is slowed down.
Watching, really closely observing what they do, inevitably reveals the steps that they repeat more than any others. Bingo!
Those most-repeated actions, words, even attitudes, including physical attitudes(!) are your speediest pathways upward.
Imitate the very best universal shortcuts of those that you admire most, those you most seek to emulate in your life and work,
and you will find that your best performances will be achieved faster, and on firmer ground, than by any other known technique.

How often have you taken time to realize that doing more things with two hands will save you time and more?
Obviously, brushing your teeth is not one of them... yet, brushing your hair and so much more fit this shortcut.

Establish your best foundations using universal shortcuts... and we'll consistently see your best results.